p.e.n - p.e.n refers to "PULITO e NATURA", which means natural and purity. All the products came from Germany, aim at eliminating external impurities and keeping our body pure by natural resources and materials. The latest premium skincare series include "Golden Caviar Series", which contains four treasured skincare ingredients of Gold, Caviar, Honey and Collagen, blending of multiple repair functions to treat inflammation and firm the skin, leaving you with a young and delicate skin shining. The "ENERGY Series" with unique ingredients extracted from the natural, which containing vitamins A, C and E to strengthen skin and help to improve uneven skin complexion, effectively protects your skin from UV damage and thus reduces skin pigmentation, also able to improve skin elasticity and moisturization



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  • oil series

    Aroma Therapeutic
    Massage Oil

  • aqua-silk series

    Aqua-Silk Series