(Special Promotion)

High Freqency Acne-reducing Treatment D029

Stimulate cellular metabolism,effectively regulate sebum and eliminate hazardous substances inside the skin

Aloe Facial Treatment A054

Enhance nutrient absorption and keep the skin moisturized and elastic

Honey Whitening and Tightening Treatment TR019

Help to shrink pares,remove wrinkles and facilitate the skin to assimilate nutrients,thus making the skin smooth and delicate

Purifying and Detoxifying Treatment TR020

Help to eliminate hazardous substances within the skin and control melanin cells

Actice Ion Moisturizing Treatment F382

Directly permeate the basal cells through electric current,consolidate the skin foundation,and retain moisture inside the skin

Exfoliation Treatment H062

Cleanse the skin from te inside out and activate cells to give nutricnts an access to the skin

Facial Treatment for Skin Nourishment A045

Effective whiten the skin and reduce melanin with protein and calcium,thus making the skin moisturized and radiant

Facial Treatment for Skin Tightening S043

Facial muscles-oriented devices meet with targeted treatment to deliver perfect skin firming

Facial Treatment with Milk M044

Delive even-toned,white and soft skin,and effectively maintain hydration level

Green Tea Serum Treatment G033

Cleanse pores,balance oil secretion and even out skin tone while preventing oxidation

Term & Conditions

  • These promotions are only applicable for new customers and existing customers who have completed their packages.
  • These promotions are only valid for Singaporeans / RPs / EP / SP / WP holders of age 21 years and above.
  • Modern Beauty Salon reserves the final rights of decision in the event of dispute.
  • Customer NRIC/valid work pass must be presented for verification.
  • These promotion are inclusive of prevailing 7% GST.
  • All promotion are valid till 31st December 2018.