Stem cells are the original parent cell that is not yet fully differentiated. The cells have the potential of self-renewal and differentiation.

This treatment utilizes leading patented technology developed by South Korea to solve various skin problems from the root. The cell peptide complexes contain keratinocyte growth factor KGF, superoxide dismutase SOD and skin stem cell growth factor SCF. The peptide complexes also derive autologous cellular growth and repair factors.


  1. Reduce fine lines on bottom eyes, lips, neck and forehead
  2. Even skin complexion
  3. Shrink pores and firm skin
  4. Improve the overall quality of skin
  5. Reconstruct the skin tissue
  6. Stimulate the new skin cell proliferation

*Disclaimer: The results from treatment vary from person to person, subject to the individual body and health conditions, diet, level of self-management and number of treatments.