A wide variety of treatments are provided by the well-trained beauticians of Modern Beauty Salon. Our beauty consultants regularly examine the usage of skincare products of the customers so as to suggest the most suitable treatments to them. We also provide customized treatments to cater for the needs of VIPs. The senior management closely follow the latest trend of the beauty industry and purchase the most advanced beauty equipment so that we can always offer the best treatments for the customers.

ENDOLIFT is an EXIMIA patented technology providing pressure output with four kinds of rhythm and frequency to epidermis and offering massaging function. It helps to increase blood circulation and effectively unblocks the lymphatic system to drain away excessive water and waste, improving the firmness of the face. With the use of custom blended of FERRECARE skincare, wrinkles will be reduced and the contour will be shaped ideally.

Icoone, with its exclusive Roboderm®technology, is a patented device whose action is performed by using 4 different headpieces fitted with rolls. Each roller has hundreds of micro-alveoli which create MULTI-MICRO ALVEOLAR STIMULATION on the treated tissue. The skin receives fully 1,180 micro-stimulations per dm2 and achieves the purposes of firming and shaping with no trauma caused or tissues being pulled with stress.

Through the ultrasonic wave and massage, nutrients can be efficiently imported and this can improve the penetration of active ingredients, leading to a comprehensive skincare treatment. The one million times per second high-frequency vibration increases the skin permeability which facilitates prompt importations of the active ingredients of skincare products.

The herbal compress made by lavender can inhibit bacterial growth, avoid skin infection and relieve skin allergy, dehydration and dry lines. The warmth generated by massage helps to stimulate blood circulation, reduces muscle tension, smooths lymph flow and prevents edema, leading to muscle relaxation and face firming.

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