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Modern Beauty (Singapore) Dinner & Dance 2017

Modern Beauty (Singapore) Dinner & Dance 2017 was successfully held at Swissotel hotel Sky Suite on 4th November. The opening was orchestrated by a stunning dance performed by the group CEO Dr.Joyce Tsang, CAO Dr. Francis Lee and Regional President Amenda Suen. The event was celebrated with the presence of famous local artistes Lee Teng and Felicia Chin whom have managed to steer up the atmosphere by performing their vocals. Pornsak as the Emcee of the night has successfully engaged the audiences with waves of jokes and eloquence. There were seven group of performances by the very own Modern talents whom entertained the audiences with their singings, dances and play. Modern Beauty would like to specially thank their VVIP customers for taking their time out to attend the event which made the night a perfect one!

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