Modern Beauty Glorious Anniversary Night 2014

Modern Beauty Salon Holdings Limited (the Group) has been established for over 23 years. In addition to Hong Kong, the Group also actively develop businesses in mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan, and thus become one of the largest listed company of the beauty industry in Asia. In particular, the business development in Singapore has a remarkable achievement, and records a both steady growth in turnover and profit, which significantly strengthen the Group's market position in the Asia Pacific region. Lead by the outstanding management of Dr. Joyce Tsang Yue, the Founder, Chairlady and CEO of the Group, the Group's success also depend on all the employees and their team effort to create a brilliant achievement today. Recently, Dr. Joyce Tsang Yue had specially held a grand gala dinner "Modern Beauty Glorious Anniversary Night 2014" at the Orchard Hotel Singapore. She presented a number of awards during the dinner, including "Most Number of New Customers Award" "Best Retail Sales Award", "Performance Award" and "Emerald Award" etc. in recognition of Singapore colleagues' excellence performance, and commemorate their efforts and contributions to the Group.

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