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My face easily gets oily in hot weather, which makes my pores larger. These are actually signs of dehydrated skin. Some of my friends recommended the AQPure treatment of Modern Beauty Salon to me, saying that the treatment gives great qresults. Therefore, I decided to try this deep cleansing and moisturizing facial.


After cleansing and massages, the beautician started the treatment. Using various handpieces and various serums, she massaged my face gently. After the treatment, my face looked brightened up. I think it’s because the excess oil and dead skin cells were removed during the treatment. Also, this equipment can really achieve the effect of deep penetration. My skin fully absorbed the serum and became nourished and glowing!


Now you can experience the AQPure treatment for free!

Online Booking: https://goo.gl/2Lhb1p

Booking hotline: 2688 0919


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