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Unstable weather brings unstable skin. Recently, I have a domestic treatment of needle sponge, making my skin very dry in such unstable weather. So today I went to Modern Beauty Salon to try the Ferrecare CellActive Hydro Series Treatment.

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Upon arrival, I was given a hot coixseeds drink by the thoughtful beautician. Then I changed clothes and have the treatment started. First, the beautician washed my face and cleared all my blackheads. (You know, many other beauty salons will not give such a complete clearance -__-) My face became a bit red after that. But this is normal.

Then the beautician used the high efficiency moisturizing and anti-oxidation machine to start off with an anti-oxidation process which ensured a triple skincare effect of moisturizing, water-locking and consolidating. After that, the moisturizing mask was applied for 15 minutes during which I was also given a massage. I was so comfortable that I almost fell asleep. But relaxing moment always passes quickly. Soon after the removal of the mask, my face was applied with lotion. At last, the staff member even gave me the whole set of Ferrecare CellActive moisturizing products for domestic use.

My face became much more moisturized after the treatment. It is really nice!

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